Integrate an aquarium into the living space while concealing all equipment and providing additional storage.


A custom cabinet was created from ¾ plywood having 13 plys. Additional support was added for the anticipated 650-pound load by introducing two full depth partitions. The additional partitions allowed separate areas to be created for the aquarium filter, electronic equipment and media storage. Thermostatically controlled fans were disguised within the cabinet to insure equipment is operating within its temperature limits. Lastly, shelving was created above the aquarium to both conceal the aquarium piping and provide a surface into which LED lighting could be integrated. The lower shelf incorporates ball bearing slides with overtravel that allow the shelf to be moved out of the way for aquarium maintenance.


A simple request to install an aquarium resulted in the creation of a centerpiece. The integrated LED lighting creates a stunning view while the custom cabinet mitigates noise from the aquarium pump. Additionally and unexpectedly, we were able to integrate power, network, cable TV and HDMI connections from the existing television into the cabinet, allowing the existing electronic equipment to be hidden from view.